Welcome to Valentine Design!! My goal is this........ to help spread love and friendship through blogging..... and what do most of us want?? A beautiful blog! Sometimes making changes can be intimidating. That is why I have set up Valentine Design. I want to provide women with the personal one on one help that many of us need to create a beautiful blog. You will find Custom Backgrounds,Custom Headers, and all the goodies to match as well as lots of ideas on how to build a beautiful blog or improve one that you already have. A consultation is FREE! If you choose to invite me to your blog, I will make a list of things that I think I can help with, I will give you a price for what that work will be. If you say yes, then I will send you an invoice and give your blog a "facelift". Or if you already know what you want you can choose from the services in the sidebar. Please think of me as a friend and feel free to email me so we can chat about what your needs are. I will try to keep my rates reasonable so you can create to your hearts content!

Custom Blog Design: CJ's Stitching & Blooms

Custom Blog Design: Cj's Stitching &Blooms


Tracie Dean said...

I just LOVE the roses!!!! (even if they are pink...lol)

The post divider on this one is gorgeous!! You outdid yourself on this one!

Donna Heber said...

I love the softness to this design. Gorgeous!