4 new blogs for you to visit

Oh my goodness, I am getting so far behind in sharing with you all these wonderful bloggers and their newly designed blogs!!! This is Deb's blog Dragonfly Treasure. She had a cute header already, but it was to small for her blog, so I added to it and added a couple of embellishments to give it more presence. Then a custom background to finish it off.

Jan's blog, Lucy's Baby is another example where I took a header she already had and added to it to make it fill the space better. Jan also added category button's and a signature. She was super sweet to work with (All of them have been) and I know she would love a visit from you.

Shelly (formerly Shell in Sonomish) started her new blog Bungalow Bling recently and wanted to give it a somewhat neutral feel so all of her artwork would look good. (As if it ever wouldn't)
I made her category buttons too, and they are fun. Shell wanted shells!!! And that's what she got! You can see them on her blog.

And last (but by no means least) is Nancy's blog, Nancarts. It took me way to long to figure out that it stood for Nan C arts. Duh! Nancy is an artist with many different passions and I tried to incorporate a little bit of all of them in her blog. We even included one of Nancy's own paintings into the design!